Vew from my bed

I got quite a jolt when I saw this photo earlier this week. It was the view from my bed for four years .

Most of my time in the TB sanatorium, the  Adelina Patti hospital, Craig-y-nos castle,  former home of the opera diva, was spent out on the balcony.
This photo brought back memories. It’s among the twenty that arrived from Wales (see Monday’s Blip) from Brian Griffiths. He found them in his attic and they belonged to his late mother, Phyllis Griffiths, who worked as a sister there.
In those days they believed in the “fresh air” treatment and we were known as the “snow children” because we were out there in all weathers.
A curious practice used to be the exchange of photos as marks of friendship. (See extra). There were some young women there too and this one gave a signed photo to Sister Griffiths, Brian’s mother.

Taking photos was a popular hobby and I too had a Brownie Box camera. We little realised at the time that we were documenting life inside a children’s sanatorium, making it  the only record in the world of life inside one of these institutions.
Hence the interest in our book “ The Children of Craig-y-nos”.

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