By soozaday

Thanks for the Memories

Once upon a time our town was mostly two stories high, with the occasional third floor appearing from time to time. Buildings had unique characteristics and distinctive charm. In recent years, the streets have been turning into darker and darker canyons as Progress brings taller structures that look like they could be Anywhere. And here we go, this destruction is the beginning of another five, or is it seven, story project. They call it affordable housing and we all laugh. I didn't get down there in time to photograph the old buildings intact; I guess I just thought I had all the time in the world. We lost Santa Cruz Glass, where I bought many a window pane, the Salvation Army Thrift Store, Haber's Furniture--I know I'm already forgetting the names of places. Seeing this rubble reminds me of the earthquake, the smell of old damp plaster and dust.

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