By LauraMuir


On the spur of the moment, I decided to have a wee trip to Linlithgow to see the palace and have a walk around the Loch. I passed through on the train so many times when I commuted to Edinburgh, but had never been in the town. I booked my ticket and guide book online and got on two very quiet off-peak trains from Hyndland Station and Queen Street. I had a look around the town centre before walking the 2.3 miles around the Loch and then up to Linlithgow Palace for my booking at 1pm. I didn’t see any other visitors and I enjoyed exploring the halls and chambers on my own, and climbing up the stone stairs to ‘Queen Margaret’s Bower’ for great views. The photo is a view from the top. The palace was created in 1424 from a Manor House on the site around 1124! It was ruined by fires and decay but there are lots of interesting features. I especially liked the fountain in the courtyard (extra), which would have been brightly painted in the time of James V. It was a very nice day out.

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