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By ajt

New doorway

Very busy day at work today, not getting what I wanted to get done...

This back blip is from the ground floor of the old extension (built c1920, rebuilt c1970). Basically in around 1920 they bought 10 m2 from the neighbours and put a kink in the wall and this building went into the kink. Looking into the picture you are going up hill, and there is a natural rise in the ground level, so the wall here is against soil. To the left, right and behind me the wall is in free space above ground level - something we didn't originally know. In the 1970s they did some more work on the roof and upper floor but never completed it. Between 2010 and 2015 a new extension was foolishly built between the wall to the right and across the front of the original house... That means doing the work here now requires very expensive groundworks just to get access!

Anyhow this week the builders are on holiday so I've taken a picture while it's all quiet. The plan for this floor is very simple, put in a new access way into the garden (pictured), and then in half the space put in the hot water tank (solar heated), the washing machine and a sink, creating a small utility room. In the second half of the space, goes a loo and stairs to the upper floor. On the floor above (no floor joists at the moment) will go a spare bedroom with an en suite shower room. All told 22 m2 of habitable space. 

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