Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Topsy Turvy

Busy day.   Condo stuff. Elevator serviced, then the window we had to get ready for all early..…and then of course one  (me) had to wash all the glassware on the glass shelves and clean all the plants on the plant shelves in the window..and then vacuum, (Herb)  dust, (me)  etc.etc.  Still not all put together. 

Then :  PT and Shoulder doc appointments…I was thinking I”m way behind but the physical therapist says no it’s right on schedule and she thinks the exercise will avoid any rotator cuff surgery which is definitely my major goal…so …I was VERY pleased!

Then a condo board meeting…no masks ..everyone is fully vaccinated...but we did meet outdoors.    Next time...inside.    Have forgotten how annoying they can be….

I noticed some blips with a topsy turvy themes for Abstract thursday, so it seemed right for this day…

thanks to Ingeborg

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