Jukka's Log

By jukkakos


I found my first geocache 15.7.2015 which was 930 meters from my home. That cache was archived two years later and I adopted that place immediately and placed my own geocache in there. Since then I have seen many interesting places and some not that interesting. I have also met big amount of persons in geocacher meets and got many new friends by that hobby. Some personal statistics as reference:
- Hided 57 own geocaches
- Been 40 times the first person finding someone else's geocache.
- The best year has been 2017, when I found 724 caches (24,6% of all finds).

After daily duties I went ot search my 3000th geocache, which was 8 step multi cache in nice forest environment and 6,6 kms from my home. This milestone cache itself was very common, but in this case, the trip was a pleasure and a reason to choose this cache for this special day. One photo from that trip in extra section. Good excuse to celebrate a bit!

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