By earthdreamer

An Experiment in Leisure

You saw it here first.

'I adore this book! It's a short, sharp shot of oxygen straight to the soul. An exquisite mix of agonising pain and unbridled joy. An Experiment in Leisure shows us the burning, intense, messy beauty of youth and what it means to be alive' ... Maxine Peake

Meet Anna Glendenning with a preview copy of her debut novel. This one is her mum's, only now being read for the first time (bookmark placed at page 58 and so far, so good). Anna is the daughter of Gill, my writing critique partner, and it was a great delight to be able to meet up with them both and share all the excitement under the cherry blossom in the centre of Ilkley. We managed to resist hugging and settled for elbow bumps all around. 

I've not got my hands on a copy of the book myself yet but have no doubts it will be a great read. I was able to quiz Anna on the whole process, from getting her two-book deal with Chatto & Windus to the commission of the artwork for the cover, with which she was delighted. It was quite a privilege to get the lowdown from inside the publishing world. 

I had to be cheeky and quiz Anna about that endorsement from Maxine Peake. Was that straight up? Apparently, Anna was asked for key people whom she'd like advance copies sent and Maxine was top of her list. There was little expectation that it would be read, let alone praised so wholeheartedly. Anna was so made up over that. It's still all a bit of a dream. Mum is so incredibly proud. We're both now thoroughly inspired.

If you're interested, the book goes on sale on June 3rd. 

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