Trish Harding Water Color Demo

Trish is my mentor and teacher Trish Harding. I have been painting in her Open Studio groups for seven years. She is a fantastic teacher and an amazing artist. She knows oil, acrylic, water color and pastel painting well and teaches all of these. She also teaches ceramics as well. She is a fantastic drawing teacher and communicates clearly how to make drawings that are about what the subject is doing and not what it looks like by using gesture. I have learned so much from her.

This morning Trish offered a free watercolor demo to all of her students. Also she provided yummy food including her home made treacle farl bread. Delicious! Arvin and I attended and both really enjoyed ourselves very much. Though I am an oil painter, and Trish was demonstrating the flushing technique in watercolor, I definitely learned from the demo. So did Arvin. And we had a great time visiting with our artist buddies. I photographed Trish as she worked on the demo piece. This is about half way through the process. Check it out in large for more detail.

Thanks Trish for all you do!

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