By MarilynParker

Just opening

The flowers are just opening on this, one of our deciduous azaleas.
had a little look around the garden this afternoon while the sun was out.
Not done anything exciting today. Had a gentle one hour session at the gym, this morning, an early lunch and a trip to Tesco and the car accessory shop. The new car key battery is not working and I've checked it countless times to make sure it's fitted correctly. Threw the old one so can't use that meanwhile. 
At the car shop the young man tried to fob me off (no pun intended) as when I told him the battery was dud he said it would be my key and it will have lost its memory due to being flat for a while. I informed him that it eas never flat as the old battery had been working. He was speechless but still not offering to replace the battery. I wasn't moving and I jsut kept repeating well it's not working so he popped another one in and said to try it - worked first time of course. I swear that some of the chaps in these car places think women are stupid when it comes to anything connected to cars.
Did a bit of cleaning up as well today but not much!

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