By LincolnWarrior

Isolation day 3

Well the highlight of my day today a trip into the backyard to put some rubbish in the recycling bin . This allowed for some fresh air in my lungs. While out there I spotted this dandelion weed growing out of the wall. so went and grabbed my camera . There was one other highlight  my sister kindly dropped off some more shopping for us after she finished work. Thankfully she  lives fairly close just the other side of the city so probably a 5 or 6 mile  detour for her.  
A day of sport and relaxation with some NRL rugby League and now watching the FA cup final so good to see and hear fans in the stadium and at least this time they have spread them out .
Grace is feeling a little bit more like her self today but still shut in her room but I don't think that bothers her enjoying been waited on. 
Film night tonight and possibly a few beers 

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