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By HarlingDarling

Indoor play day

Rainy and damp all day, as expected. We made a promise to ourselves that the next rainy day we would deep  clean the downstairs of our home together. What joy! I do a lot of the cleaning, and I do it with delight but not very often... downstairs, when I assessed the damage situation was too much for one woman. We started at about 11, and sat down to eat our tea around 7. That's what a lot of sorting, removing, cleaning, organising was needed. 

The downstairs consists of: 
one kitchen (the horrors were many), 
one bathroom (not bad since I blitzed it a while back, but the drains were... interesting), 
one wide hall (lots of "stuff" littering the place) and 
one front room (pretty neat and tidy actually, we keep on top of that apparently)

I really enjoyed myself after the first 2 hours...! And everything feels more manageable now. It's a small house and we are clearly expansive people...
I did poke my nose out a couple of times but it was very nasty out there, drying up now at 8 in the evening. The garden furniture remains in the car. A little job for the grey but dry day that will be Sunday. My blip shows the reward I gave myself at 5 o'clock, the radio and some jewellery production. There is a programme I really enjoy on Saturdays at 5, all about different religions and beliefs. Today the discussion revolved around the question "What replaces God in a secular but seeking country like Sweden?" - yoga gurus was part of the answer! 

There was talk of flawed gurus, the idea of being perfect if you are to lead others is not the way it goes in other places. For many years I've loved the image of the wounded healer so much! That a person who is flawed and even broken in some ways, can be a channel of healing for someone else. I wrote my MA thesis about the woman as healer, witch, etc. a marginalised figure, much feared and scorned and yet essential to the society they live in...  This is the way I spend a lot of my quiet time, and to be honest I have done since I was little. Pondering, "working the problem" till I find something believable. A lot of the pondering is done when most people would be asleep, but I don't do sleep easily when there has been a lot of excitement in my day... which is how it was last night. Tedious. And I had a lot of discomfort in many a joint, not really sure why. Also a bit tedious... but nothing compared to so many other people, places, situations. My heart if currently bleeding for the people of Palestine, and Israel.

I have no idea how I'm going to get myself organised and in gear when regular socialising is on the cards once again! Keith just told me that we are not welcome to visit Portugal from Sweden, we are blacklisted. Well drat. I can imagine being interviewed for the nine o'clock news - "How does it feel to be seen as a pariah?" Not great, actually. However, I have a very clean house and all the shelves are sorted, so today I feel very good about myself! I don't think we are acceptable to the UK either, Keith has no longer got a valid passport for a start... but I don't want to go there anyhow, what with new variants and the like. I can stay huddled up in my own "spotless, unvisited, remarkably clean but seen by no-one but us" house, and be content. Which I am. Sort of.

It was really fun to work together, especially on some of the more horrible tasks. Why does our drainpipe from the bathroom sink also connect directly to the waste pipe from the loo? Oh yes, standard 70s practice - rather niffy when you are sorting out the U-bend (water lock in Swedish, I had to do some actual ransacking of the grey matter there). When I say "you" I mean Keith, I couldn't unscrew the fittings myself, and he took over. He has no real sense of smell so all was good.

It was a really good way to use a miserable day. I could have read The Wild Silence, but I finished it last night and was every bit as irritated as I was with The Salt Path. The descriptions of walking in the Icelandic highlands rang very true, but she has to be over dramatising things Who goes there as winter is approaching without woollen socks??? I go nowhere at all without my woollen socks, and long johns - they have been needed at all times of the year and in many places. I get tired of the exaggerations in the books, or the focus on how hard everything is in the wild and beautiful natural world she says she loves. Stay home then! 

We talked about how the lack of visitors in the last 18 months has meant that we never do a big tidy up, and we are obviously a bit slovenly by nature. Well organised in some areas (earrings, baking,) but otherwise very relaxed. As my Mum used to say "You've only got yourself to please!" And over the years, that's exactly what we've done!

Tomorrow will see us in the garden, the weeds will give up more easily now they have had a good soaking, and things are really growing in the wetter ground. The rowans are looking fit to burst any minute, their buds pointing skywards, the birches are turning very slightly green... It's all just waiting for a bit of sun, or more rain I think - the spring is such a lovely time - even if we do both get hay fever. (whining on like Raynor Winn. Or Raynor Whine as I think of her now) We saw a fair number of birds today, but no larger wildlife, there is more to eat in the forest where life is safer I guess. Now my blip is written the ice cream dessert can begin! Wishing you a fine Sunday, X.

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