Like the Krypton Factor!

Mum decided to order a ‘bargain’ bistro set that mentioned ‘some assembly required’.

It didn’t get off to an auspicious start as a very grumpy delivery lady had to heft it up the drive in a massive box in the pouring rain.  Then we unpacked it and found a gazillion pieces and rubbish instructions.  With 4 of us on the building case and Mum watching the chaos she had caused we eventually got 2 chairs and a table all set up. I think I may still stick to the solid wooden bench we have as that feels a lot safer!

It rained all day and Leo spent most of the day out in all weathers! I can’t wait until Monday when we can have his mates around again.  At the moment, if he wants to meet up with them they are stuck with braving the awful weather.  The funfair is till in town so I think all the kids have been making the most of that as entertainment whilst things are still so limited.

It looks like we have solid rain forecast for all day Sunday too so I expect we’ll have another soggy also!

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