Life through the lens...

By ValC

Eye, eye.

Don’t think these two saw eye to eye.
After a few head buts the two cows backed off and carried on eating the lush green grass.
The youngsters were all sat together at the far end of the field, except for one who was having a feed from mum. ( see extra)

I was near the beginning of my walk, and the sun was still shining.
A bit further on I noticed a couple of rabbits,
( extra)and managed a quick photo before they went bob bob bobbing out of sight.
I then felt a spot and then another and it soon started raining.
Fortunately not heavily, but continued until I was almost home.

The horse chestnuts are beginning to flower, and also saw some pink bluebells in a garden. These are the Spanish variety.
A few more wild flowers make up my extra collage.

We have just enjoyed watching the highlights of the Tour of Mallorca.
They started from Porto d’Andratx which is where we like to go on holiday, though haven’t been for a few years.
Hot sunshine and blue sky, and wonderful views of a the deep blue sea.
A bit different from the cold wet weather we have here at the moment!
Unfortunately the forecast for next week doesn’t sound much better.

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