By stuartjross


In the morning Mrs SJR set off on a run with Archie from one forest road end. Caley and I set off from another and we met at, what always seems to be within the same 100m stretch down at the Cour.
 A feW minutes before we met up Caley was really muddy from paddling about in a ditch. i threw his stick in to a shallow pool in the Cour. To my horror he raced off the bank and hurled himself in to the water anticipating a much deeper bit of river. He landed awkwardly in the belly deep water and though he didn't yelp clearly gave himself a jar. It was a sickening feeling seeing him not move immediately. I rushed over and helped him out and he started trotting about saving his left back foot.
Mrs SJR appeared and he rushed off to greet her. A few minutes later he was running freely again. I was really annoyed with myself. 
PM, I partly retraced some of the same route on the bike, my usual Cour loop from Roy Bridge. I have still to blip it, but I set a new PB for this run at an 1 hour 8 and a half minutes minutes. I realise now that doing this must be hard on the bike on the very rough sections. I took my time today.   

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