David J. Rose

By djrose007

A mothers despair

The lady on the left of the photograph is Betty (F.M.i.L) 46 years ago today. 17 May 1975, which would have put her at 46 years old at that time. 
In the white Triumph Herald 12/50, I can even remember the registration - PMD75E - is us, Marlane and I driving off to an uncertain future after our wedding reception.
As it is we didn't do too bad. Met 18 December 1974, engaged in January 1975, Married 17 May 1975 and I flew off to RAF Gan (Maldives) about 2 weeks later. 
Must admit my proposal was a little unorthodox.
"Do you know if we get married before I go to Gan we'll get the married man's allowance as well as overseas allowance?"
"Yes, ok, when do you go?"
Not very romantic but it worked and here we are 46 years later.

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