The Moray Coast

A leisurely start to the day at the back of 9am. Well, not entirely leisurely as going astern to get out their pontoons packed into the small harbour elevates the stress levels a teeny bit.
Then out across calm waters until inevitably the wind strengthened right on the nose and for a period running along past Portsoy as far as Cullen it got a bit biiffy. But after Scar Nose we got on a fine line to motorsail into wide Spey Bay under blue skies.
So, a short trip into Lossiemouth, which remains at level 3 so we were confined to the boat on the pontoon. At least the harbour master only wanted a tenner rather than the usual twenty as her facilities were closed. And we were able to phone out for an Indian meal to be delivered. That holding tank was such a good idea.

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