today's another day

By dbrereton


Today is a day involving waiting. Waiting to hear that my daughter's operation has gone well, and that she is back in her room with her mum.

She has a hip that isn't quite the right shape, so today that's getting sorted.

I dropped them in the centre of London today at 6.30am, then purposefully have returned to our hideaway to sit and try to do nothing at all. Regular readers will know this is a tough ask for me.

Cerys Matthews program from Sunday on BBC Sounds to keep the pace of today slow and disconnected from the week. Feet up time. Sun though the French windows and birds chirping away too.

Time to also not think of work which seems to have been constant since March 2020 and the first lockdown. Another near impossibility.

10.30...surgeon says all went very well and she will be back up when out of recovery. Phew.

Just got to hope that mum and daughter don't kill each other while cooped up in one room till sat or sun due to Covid rules.

Dad's taxi is on standby.....

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