By fairyhedgehog

Busy Day

I was on driving duty today to take Carly to the Marsden to check on a lump that turns out to have gone down now. All is good and no worries. 

It's not too far from here but it was two journeys, to drop her and then later to pick her up again, because you aren't allowed anyone with you right now because of covid.

Then I saw that Rufus had one eye shut; it did open, but there was blood on his lower lid. It looked like a scratch to his upper lid and something the vet ought to look at, so that was more driving. He had an anti-inflammatory injection, and he's got antibiotic drops, the cone of shame, and not to be allowed out for five days. I feel wiped!

But the clarinet picture is because I got it out to do ten minutes practice eaerlier on today and 45 minutes later I thought it was time to put it away. We're definitely getting on better together now!

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