Kath Gordon

By KathGordon

Robin in the park

Another very long but enjoyable shift in the unpaid day job. We do have a 3 hour break on Louie's nursery mornings and we try not to do too many jobs and have some sitting down time. I always get fidgety and feel as if I am wasting precious time so we don't sit for long. After we picked Louie up from Nursery we went for a spin in the park and he fell asleep in his buggy, exhausted after his busy morning. We checked out the pond and I can report that 6 Cootlets survive and are almost as big as the parents and 5 goslings survive, also growing fast. The robin flew down and posed for me so had to be my choice of blip. There were huge black clouds gathering as we walked back to Louie's house. Hubby went down to pick Maddie up from school and they got home just before the heavens opened. We all sat in the conservatory watching the lightning and listening to the thunderclaps. We were then bombarded by the biggest hailstorm I have ever witnessed. It was impressive and I am glad we were indoors and not outside.

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