Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

In with the new, but not out with the old.

Here we are, eating a fabulously delayed breakfast at gone 1 o'clock  - but the table is screwed and bolted together and the new chairs are in use! Glad I didn't buy the boring cushions in the shop, my homemade ones are much more fun, material from the 70s I think - curtains I utilised for other things. I neatly bolted one of the legs on, only to look up and see it was on the wrong way round. Talk about tight focus. I asked Keith not to mention it, so deep was my discomfort - but I'm over it now!

The washing line held 3 loads of washing later in the day, the sun shone and most of it was dry. I love the smell of freshly dried things that have hung in the sunshine. So tonight I will lay me down in a newly made bed, in this case with bright egg-yellow sheets and a very smooth cotton duvet cover. I might even manage to read more than half a page before conking out - last night I struggled to take anything in and fell asleep more than once before capitulating and turning out the light. I'm reading the book that incurred the extra charges, "Godesses in Older Women", info here. I found the first book that Jean Shinoda Bolen wrote "Godesses in Every Woman" really helpful when I first read it. I expect good things of this one too - if I can only stay awake...

Anyhow, the garden claimed my attentions in the end. I treated myself to some planting, instead of just ripping up weeds and grass. I dug strayed plants out of the forest, grape hyacinths and I admit to digging up some of the white wild anemones. there are millions of them so I think it's ok. Well, I know it isn't, but I'm telling myself it is. Then I did an hour of ripping out and filled a huge trug full of the refuse. The whole bed needs digging out and dealing with properly, but at least I can see what's in there now. As you can see, our rowans are almost open now, such a pretty way they grow, pointing upwards.

Then I had to get my skates on to attend the annual general meeting of the shareholders of the council owned companies, one of which is the science centre on whose board I serve. If you think it sounds a bit of a mouthful, I can report that it wasn't exactly what I yearned to do on a sunny evening at 6 till 8.It's done now though, there were about 3 dozen in attendance, which is probably the managing directors, the boards and one or two officers from the council. It was digital and those meetings don't attract the general public much, even if they are shareholders!

That duty done, we had a rapidly sorted tea made from leftovers, and settled down to do the blips of the day. I drew the 365 drawing as the annual general meeting proceeded, I almost always draw in meetings, and write a lot too - it keeps me focussed on the job in hand. This is why I often end up doing the minutes for meetings, since I write them anyway! 

I'm thinking about the huge pile of unwanted greenery I tore from the round flower bed. It might be 130 cm across and I have a big bag-full. Whose idea is clover anyway? And who made the roots so deep and woody, the runners so enthusiastic? And Shepherd's Purse, very pretty and all that but does it have to inhabit every single patch in the garden, between flags, and just everywhere? And grass! What is it doing in my flower bed anyhow?! I don't like the feeling that I am doing battle with nature, but this first month of the gardening season is all about control and laying the groundwork for a pretty summer. The old chairs and table are down on the grass, in a lovely shady spot for those hot summery days we feel sure will come...

I have hardly heard the news today, nor have I read the paper so I can't give my informed unsought-after opinion on anything currently occupying the world today. I will leave you with a kernel of wisdom from the positivity lecture that ended the meeting described above. For every whiny, complaining or fretting idea, make sure there are 5 positive, encouraging ones. He also suggested ending your day by spending time reflecting on things you were grateful for - I know many of my blippers do that regularly, me too. We used to call it counting our blessings, but reflecting on gratitude works for me too, and from gratitude comes joy. Wishing you lots of that!

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