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TT: Tiny garlic cloves (nicer than a rat)

Once again freespiral saves the blip day with her TT theme of ‘vegetable’ at five-to-nonexistent-sunset, on what has been a cold and blustery day with sideways rain. These NZ garlic bulbs really are tiny, when compared with the varieties more commonly found in the supermarket. If a recipe calls for a clove of garlic, I use two or three of these.  Most NZ-grown garlic comes from Marlborough, and we grow some in Nelson too, as we are neighbouring regions.  The little clay dish is from A’ali Potteries in Bahrain and is about 4” across.
It’s been a quiet day compared with the frenetic weekend. The weather has been really wild – the DB was down at the boat, doing stuff inside the cabin, and reported that a freezing wind was funneling through the marina, the halyards clanking wildly and the boats straining on their lines.
I’ve counted. There were 43 text messages between Natasha, me, a carer at Sunny Days and the mobile manicurist this afternoon. Over the weekend, I’d promised The Daughters not to Get Too Involved. But today is Gran’s shopping day, and there was a message from Natasha to say that she’d noticed Gran’s fingernails are very long. The summarised version is this:
Under rest home level care, fingernails can be cut by carers. Toenails must NOT be cut by carers, however, in case they inadvertently cause injury. A qualified person must do those.
J. asked the manicurist to stop doing his mother’s fingernails (which, by the way, grow very fast!) but to continue with the toes. She came last Friday, gave Gran a pedicure and asked the carer to cut her fingernails as they were looking rather long.
The carers have asked to cut Gran’s fingernails, but she’s refused to let them -  three times in a row.
The manicurist thinks this is because the carers are rushed for time and will do a poor job (she also thinks Gran is ‘lovely’ and would presumably like to continue getting the manicure fee).
The carers (and Natasha) think Gran’s refusal is a way for her to retain some control over her life.
I’ve asked the carer to try again tomorrow and, if Gran still refuses, I’ve said I’ll get the manicurist back to do the fingernails as clearly Gran can’t go around with ever-lengthening talons. Natasha has elicited a ‘promise’ from her to be nice to the girls and let them…..
J. is away for the week on business and clearly wasn’t involved in this discussion. To him, cutting fingernails is a basic care task and, if one can get it included in the rest home fees, why pay a manicurist? The thing is, this is yet another change in Gran's life….. manicures are a bit of an ‘event’, and provide someone different to talk to.
There were also discussions about other, more delicate matters, which need not detain us here. I also had to call the Blind Foundation because apparently Gran’s speaking clock has given up the ghost. And the Care Manager phoned to advise me about the CoVid-19 vaccination programme for residents, and to ask permission to get Gran to sign her consent form.
So no, Not Very Involved at all, then.
Younger Daughter has tattooed a beautiful crab onto someone’s arm today. I’m impressed!

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