Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight

Eurovision countdown

Four days to go till the Eurovision songfestival is held at Rotterdam. on May 22nd. 

It should have been held there a year ago, but the Corona pandemic spoiled that then too and now with the progress of vaccination against the virus it's considered safe enough to let the event go ahead with all the restrictions required for keeping the virus out. Even some 3000 folks are accepted to attend the show and of course they need to show their papers of being tested or vaccinated and free from the virus.

The city of Rotterdam is decorated with banners naming the songs that won the Eurovision contest in the prior 64 years, to celebrate the show goes on and as the weather was fair and I needed a bikeride I got there to see for myself. 
Here a promo of Rotterdam swinging along with the first event to take place since the lockdown.

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