Spoor of the Bookworm

By Bookworm1962

Pyramids of Didcot

Strangely missed by Pevsner in his great multi volume gazetteer of British architecture are these, the Pyramids of Didcot. For most people (who've even heard of the place) their mental image of the town is of the power station, something like this or even this . On glum days I tend to think of it like this. but I try not to. Actually, as Pevsner catalogued there is a little left of the dark age and medieval village, hidden away round Lydalls Rd and All Saints church and we have a few hidden and unexpected places as I sometimes try to document on Blip. For most of the 24,500 people who actually live here the reality is these dormitory estates of mock Tudor modern boxes with little rooms and low ceilings and parking. The pyramids are my secret, they're hidden in plain sight. They sit atop the gapped teeth of our terrace that separate the soft, edible people from their tin can cars. Every night the people arrive in their tin cans and stop against the teeth, the people are extracted from the packaging and strained through the teeth into the warm, centrally heated,all mod cons stomachs where they are gently digested till morning. Only I know about the pyramids; artefacts of late 20th century craftsmanship, carried here from miles away by armies of toiling wage slaves, carved into the sacred shape of Ancient Egypt, working their magical influence on my terraced mastaba tomb, preserving us living dead. You can even see some flakes of the original 20th Century, late Windsor Dynasty red exterior paint still adhering to the sides of their supporting pillars. Beware though, they carry a curse...you may never leave.....

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