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This is the simpler form of Dicentra, (bleeding heart) which I have in the garden, I think it is a native variety. I used to know its name but have forgotten. I like the bluey tinge of the leaves which doesn't really show on this photograph. The flowers perform the same trick of 'lady in a bath tub as the more exotic varieties.
This was the only picture I took today and involved a special trip into the garden at almost 8pm to take it! Other than that the only time I went out today was to drop something off at Kathryn's. They have the other grandparents visiting Edinburgh this weekend staying on an hotel, not with them though. The first time they've been able to meet up for over a year - the children in particular are really looking forward to it.
One reason for my visit to Katy's was to do the good grandma bit! I'd given Eilidh a coconut pyramid for her snack yesterday - it's only when she stays with us that she gets something sweet so it was a special treat! She'd only eaten the rice paper and a tiny nibble of the chocolate on the top when she dropped it in the playground. She says that what made it worse was that an insect then landed on it, so she realised it was definitely off the menu (she's clearly more particular than I, or perhaps it was peer pressure). It traumatised her sufficiently that she told her mum that her day had been completely ruined by the event! Anyway, I had two left so dropped them off for the girls to have when they got home this afternoon! I'm sure they won't be short of special treats this weekend though.
Cold, wet, day today, let's hope tomorrow is better. On the plus side I didn't have to water in the nematodes!
Keep safe everybody, especially if you are in the Glasgow area so you can move down a level again.

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