Border Tails

By Swannie


It’s such a hard life being a cat!

Although I haven’t been working recently, I’ve had a busy time. Last Saturday, I had a visit from Mum and Jim, the first this year. Then on Wednesday, Dad and his pal, John, came down by train from Edinburgh. I have had quite a few visits to my doctors’ surgery too. It was discovered six months ago that I had rather high blood pressure, but a wee tablet a day soon had it under control - until the last couple of weeks when it has gone sky high again! Every few days, they seemed to add more medicine, or tweak the dose. Hopefully, I’m sorted for the moment, but I have my own monitor to keep my eye on it.

As the world has opened up a bit more, I’ve also had engineers round to change my electric and gas meters to all new smart ones, and a lovely couple who came in and replaced all my lightbulbs for efficient LED ones. All at no cost to me. In fact I had an email to say as a thanks for letting them switch my meters, I’m to get £50 off my next monthly bill!

I’m really pleased with this saving, but it’s all to much for wee Teefer, who just loves to chillax!

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