Our Graduate

Our daughters' graduation ceremony isn't until tomorrow, but she asked me to come with her to Marquette's Law School to take some photos this morning. She's taken a circuitous route to get here, but she's finally found her calling after two years of college working toward a dance major, completing an associate degree in Art History, followed by a Political Science Degree, and now, between getting married and having two children, will receive her Juris Doctor Degree tomorrow. On Monday she'll be in Madison (our state Capitol) to be sworn in as a lawyer at our Wisconsin State Supreme Court. She received an honor cord for the over 200 hours of pro bono work*  that she's done over the past three years (in addition to her classes).  I'm going to apologize for getting behind on commenting again, but we had Mae overnight last night & for much of today; we wrapped gifts for her mama's graduation, planted sunflower seeds, played bubbles, took the car to the car wash, went to the store for celebratory treats, and took a walk--I'm beat, but it was a really fun day!  :)

*(providing free legal services to those who can't afford to pay for them)

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