By mollyblobs

Water Avens

We were given two plants of Water Avens by a botanical friend, and after a slow start it has settled in nicely by our smallest pond, which is currently waiting to be restored. It was not bothered by the cold, dry April and has positively lapped up the rain from what will probably be the wettest May on record..

I spent the day preparing for the forthcoming Fen Edge holiday - three days of guiding eight keen wildlife enthusiasts around some of our best local sites. At six o'clock I set off to the Sibson Mill Hotel to meet our guests, brief them on the plans for the next three days and share dinner with them. It was good to reconnect with three people who I'd travelled with in Romania, but felt slightly odd to be sitting down indoors eating with a group of relative strangers. However, all the guests were fully vaccinated, and we also tried to socially distance as best we could, so we soon relaxed and enjoyed our evening.

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