The World Through My Eyes

By Marlieske

It is in pitchers and....

Jugs...When you take a good look... you see that the windows are blinded... when I just finished shooting, a boy and a girl came and went in...the curious little aagje  in me would love to know what they were doing there...but my common sense told me to leave them alone... ;-)) 

A huge thanks for everyone who did join the DerelictSunday challenge this week! You guys are awesome to keep up the challenge... I'll award my Hearts and Honorable Mentions, on Thursday ! 
You can post your images of dereliction on any day of the week as long as they have the appropriate tag. Next weeks tag is #DS247 it starts on Monday the 24th of May and ends on Sunday the 30th of May at midnight. If your entry doesn't show up under this tag, please let me know...
Examples, houses, buildings, barns, flowers, mushrooms, vehicles, bicycles, walls, window frames... and so on and so forth...Don't hesitate, but Blip...

Go for it, and surprise us...but most of all... stay safe and stay healthy...Xx

Thanks for all the lovely hearts and stars for my yesterday’s blip! Xxx

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