Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


...for the sound of a peanut hitting the patio.  I'm not sure who is better trained, me or the bluejays and chipmunks.  Both have an uncanny ability to hear the sound of a peanut hitting the patio or deck, suddenly appearing as if out of nowhere.  The family of blue jays that is resident this summer rarely raise their crests so I was happy when this one, sitting right in front of me, did a quick puff of feathers, a bit of avian air conditioning.  I know that not everyone likes blue jays and their corvid kin, but I like them very much for their intelligence and cleverness as well as bigger-than-life personalities.  

Had a nice long chat with my parents this morning.  They are both cancer survivors, so they have full empathy for my caldron of emotions right now.  You're never too old for some love from your parents.

Temps are approaching 90 and the pollen count is through the roof so it's not all that pleasant outside.  I spent an hour or so pottering, pulling weeds and snapping shots before I raised the white flag of surrender.  So I think I'll grab my Kindle and settle in for a read.  I'm reading Amy Tan's The Hundred Secret Senses and finding it a very enjoyable read.  

And if some dark chocolate should find its way into my mouth, so much the better!  Stay safe, be kind.  


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