Water tower

The water tower in Delden was built in 1894 and belongs to the Twickel estate. The tower was commissioned by owner Dr. R.F. Baron van Heeckeren van Wassenaer.

The tower served as a water reservoir for extinguishing fires on Twickel. In addition, the aforementioned owner wanted to donate a water supply to Delden. When it turned out that the water at Twickel contained salt and was therefore not usable as drinking water, the tower was connected to the Almelo water supply network. To this end, a pipeline of approximately 10 kilometers in length had to be constructed.

The salt came from a salt layer in the bottom of Delden. This layer was subsequently exploited commercially.

On the market in Delden, an artful cast iron water pump reminds us of the foundation of this water pipe.

The water tower has a height of 37.50 meters and has a water reservoir of 200 m³. The tower has the status of a national monument.

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