Improving my skills

By H0tamer

What time is it?

Teba and I visited Bad König today to see whether "our" project there was progressing. It was.
We used the opportunity to have a walk in the Kurpark (spa park). The sun was shining, not too many others walkers.
In the park they do have a planetary path, and three different sun dials. One of them can be seen here. If you would ask someone for the time the answer might be: that depends!
It shows the local, real time, the CET and the CEST. And for curious people it also shows the time we have when in other cities in the world the real time is 12/noon. Never seen that in a sun dial before.

The extra shows Teba on a swing. She could hardly move it, my weight made it go down at my side right to the bump. Other self-torturing instruments were more fun for Teba. (I believe they called it a fitness parcours.)

Thanks to laurie54 for hosting the Mono Monday challenge.

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