By LauraMuir

My guitar

I have no side effects from my second vaccination yesterday! :-)

Today I made an exciting new purchase and started an online course on Justin Guitar. I had a guitar in the mid 70s but I didn’t practice much. I left it at home when I went to university and my (5 years younger) brother claimed it. I knew as soon as I saw this guitar, in the window of Jimmy Egypt & Sons music shop on Great Western Road, that I wanted to own it and learn to play again. The shop is amazing, full of beautiful instruments. It has been a family business since 1976. Jimmy’s son Evan fetched the guitar from the window and played it for me. It sounded great and it looks beautiful - made of Sitka Spruce and Mahogany. I bought a carrying bag, was given a handful of colourful plectrums, and I felt very happy walking home with it.

R plays guitar and I hope that he, and other guitar playing friends, will pick it up and play when they are here.

This afternoon I practiced Spanish, clarinet (Strangers in the Night) and learned some guitar basics. Very enjoyable!

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