Kath Gordon

By KathGordon

A huddle of goslings

After Nursery and school drop offs we decided to have a wander in the Park before the predicted rain started. Turned out to be a good move as the heavens opened just as we returned to the car. On our circuit of the pond we spotted only 4 little Coots. They must have lost 2 some time in the past week. Five goslings survive and they needed this group hug to keep themselves warm. Very cute and growing fast. Both parents were in close attendance - very diligent and caring parents. It was too wet for any garden work so a little pottering in the house ensued. We picked Louie up at 1 and had some play time but he was exhausted after nursery and had a long nap. Maddie was home at 3 and we had some special time together. She is enjoying her down time on the only day of the week when she has no clubs or activities. She was still cartwheeling all over the house just because she could! 

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