Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


Thank-you for all the stars, hearts and kind comments on my 2190th Blip yesterday. My six-year anniversary was a long time coming! All your interaction over the years only goes to confirm that Blipfoto is much more than simply a photo-sharing site; it's a community. Thanks again.

Anyway, another milestone for me today. For the first time since 11th March 2020 I was out walking with my Ramblers group. It was great to meet up with so many friends I've missed over the period of lockdown. In truth, they have been able to meet up and walk as a group for several weeks, but for quite a while I was unable to join them as I live in a different local authority area. Even although these restrictions were lifted a few weeks ago, other diary clashes and different circumstances have meant that today was the first time that our stars were able to align.

There was one final irony, though, in that today's scheduled walk was around Callendar Park and Callendar Wood in Falkirk, a place I have visited and walked in frequently during lockdown, even though it was a relative novelty for my companions. Oh well, back out tomorrow when we travel across the River Forth to Kincardine. That should be a change for all of us!

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