The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm

Reybridge (Friday 21st May 2021)

My return to Reybridge was sooner than expected, but occurred because returning home on Wednesday I discovered the left lens from my glasses was missing, and I eventually deduced that it had most likely dropped out when I had got back to the car and was loading outer clothes and cameras and bags onto the front seat.
I parked at the same spot and found the lens, but sadly it had been run over and broken. Anyway, while there I had a look at the Avon and saw this pair of swans in the distance. They were so far away I couldn't even spot the cygnets or the nesting mallard until I blew up the image on the desktop PC back home.
Afterwards I drove on to the shops at Melksham, and walked up to the boat house, also on the Avon. The mallard drake (in Extras) is halfway into going into eclipse.

P.S. Tuesday blip is up as of 22nd May
P.S. Wednesday blip is up as of 23rd May.

Day 7 - Budding Irises #1  #2

Wednesday 26.5.2021 (1855 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Bob Marley and the Wailers - So Much Trouble In The World (recorded Jan-Feb 1979, Tuff Gong Studios, Jamaica)
21st May was the date of Bob Marley's funeral, described fully in the Richard Williams piece below. In the box set The Complete Island Recordings I had reached the album Survival to play, from which this comes.

Bob Marley's Last Ride by Richard Williams

One year ago:
The Old Forge (Smoke Tree)

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