By MarilynParker


One of the rhododendrons in Taylor Park (extra photo of another one there).
I was in pain with my hip but resting it seems to worsen it so I went for a walk and this usually eases it some but today it didn't work and it's been painful most of the day.
Fed up re the hip now as still cannot lie on it in bed and I am weary with the  pain.
Filled another soul-destroying e-consultation in asking GP for an xray as it's been at least 8 weeks now and the advised exercises are doing nothing. It seems to improve a little then go worse again. Cannot pinpoint any reason for that.
What do you have to do to get your problem looked at / investigated?
The garden is full of weeds due to all the recent rain and lack of gardening weather. I tackled a few but couldn't do many due to the hip. Grrrr - I am not a good patient - I like to be on the go and get very frustrated if I can't be.
I  heard there is a super blood moon tonight so I'm hoping for clear sky as I would like to see that.

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