By Ridgeback13


Rubbish night’s sleep...not sure why but was just wide awake at bed time and so I was pretty tired this morning, but straight into a run of meetings. Frustrating one in the morning, then a quick sandwich before a long external board in the afternoon.
Once again horrid grey cold day - there’s no incentive to get out for a walk and May is turning out to be a real washout exercise- (and weather!-) wise....
Ended the day at a virtual presentation of the international festival’s programme for August...looks fabulous, despite much smaller scale and mainly outdoor venues. Still, so good to have something to look forward to!
After an early supper A called...they’ve offered her the job here! She’s delighted and thrilled, but is going to sleep on it and discuss with N as the reality of the big move has suddenly hit them and there’s a lot to consider. I wonder if I’ll be able to sleep tonight?!

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