Woman Walking

By njoyce06

Emergency Blip! EB

I have been so busy today I forgot to get a photo.   I found this tiny spider on a re d scarf.   I had to really enlarge the little guy.  It acted like it was in a daze when the closet light came on........
     After taking Alice for a chest X-ray, getting a bike for a friend, grocery shopping for Pat, and... oh yeah, shopping for me as well, walking the dogs, pulling up two more bags off weeds in the back.....   and I don't remember what else, seems... like I left something out.
     Anyway, it was busy.   Alice kept me laughing every where we went.  She is so sharp and has such a wonderful sense of humor.   At one of our stops for fresh vegetables, she told the cashier she was going to have to spank me.......   We all laughed hysterically, as I tower over her by 18 inches.
      It's been a great day, but I am really tired and forgot to get a Blip.   I offer  my spider, and thank it very much.   Sleep well, Blip World!!!!!

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