Such excitement!

I am stupidly excited by the fact that I have bought a bath towel that looks exactly like one of my granny stitch blankets - I am so easily pleased!

It is looking like my week off next week may be exceedingly boring as my foot is still playing up. So it may have to be a Netflix week rather than a great outdoors week.  Still a few days to go though, so maybe it will stage a miraculous recovery yet!

I managed to stay awake to watch the MANU final, even though it went to extra time and 22 penalties!  Well, I did nod off for most of the second half but luckily didn’t miss much.  The penalty shootout was surprisingly good. All looked proficient, even those who hadn’t volunteered in the original 5. Well, except for David De Gea!  He didn’t look confident stepping up at all so ai was not surprised when his soft shot was saved! What a disappointment! At least Villarreal seem like a nice team and I will usually support the underdog (just not when MANU are playing!)

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