By FotoAlex

Grilling again

The weather is nice again, so it's time to grill. I bought a charcoal chimney starter a few months ago in anticipation of grilling season. I wouldn't have to use lighter fluid with it.

You put paper under it and fill the top with charcoal. Light the paper and that lights the coals up the chimney. Then you pour the hot coals on the grate and start grilling.

I grilled meatless burger patties. It was nice eating those again. After the meal, Jill and I rode our bikes 3.5 miles (5.6 km) along the trail. I downloaded an app that tracks your speed, distance and elevation. We climbed 77 feet (23 m) and averaged 7 mph (11 kph). It rained right after I put the bikes on the car rack, which was frustrating, but it stopped and we got to go.

I love riding my bike so much. I'm meeting a friend in a couple of weekends for a ride. He's doing a long ride and will stop here for a stretch of it and wants to meet.

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