Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

A day of two parts

The wild and windy, freezing cold like late autumn section, and the rather nippy but at least the sun is out second part. We were a bit tired after all the excitement of yesterday, and one of us was a bit freaked out, stressed, over-excited. She slept short, woke repeatedly and finally got up at 5. And started a little translation job that came in yesterday!

The wind carried over into the afternoon and was furiously whipping the washing on the line, so that's the blip. My fingers were so cold after handling wet washing, it was like a flashback to my Lancashire youth! By three the sun was out and so were we, planting things and weeding, and generally reconnecting with the garden.

I am fretting a bit about the beige campervan, so decided on a colour scheme and a way to dampen down the beige. First of all, you call it sand, or wheat, or sheep's wool. Then you add a rich deep slightly greeny blue, and other blues and thing sandy beach, blue sky, green plants. I picked out towels, and bedding, and cushions and curtains. I gathered things from cupboards too; small pans, camping supplies that haven't seen the light of day for the best part of two decades. I greeted them like old, loved friends! 

We did a 7 week camping trip round Europe in 2000, that was where I discovered there were physical difficulties when sleeping on the ground. The aching damp had made its debut in my joints, and I haven't really camped much since. I tried but waking up crying (despite all the measures I could think of including a hot water bottle in my sleeping bag!) is beyond a joke so I reluctantly stopped. Hopefully the van will be a fair substitute as I love to be outside - just not to sleep out there.

The light here is so beautiful now the heavy clouds have scuttled off, blown away by that wind I guess. The washing didn't dry all that well despite a good twirling around, the air became damper at one point, and so did the washing. I spent some time catching up with you all this morning, but comments are still thin on the ground. I will be off to bed soon, hopefully to sleep soundly and dream about something other than sandy coloured things. I think I am struggling with the obvious opulence of owning a camper van, it doesn't really marry happily with my internal image of myself. An image that is obviously in need of an update, since I do now indeed own a campervan! I'll get over myself, just give me a moment!

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