By Ridgeback13


Late to feel sleepy last night and awake early again, but into the office ready for another busy day. Chatting to V over a cup of tea a text came through from A of a string of ‘angst’ faces....and a bit later she called as she was driving to work. They’re clearly struggling with the decision about the move for this job she’s been offered. Having talked for ages about moving to Scotland, the reality of it being possible suddenly is tough to handle. They’ve clearly had good, mutually supportive talks about it but are still freaked.....both keen to avoid hurting each other’s feelings but aware how different their approaches to risk and adventure are. So hard to listen to her struggles and not offer a view of what to do...but they need to make this decision themselves.
I went into various meetings whilst I just had to leave her to work/think and keep myself busy. At lunchtime we went downstairs to watch the awards ceremony and had lots of celebrations and clapping when V won one of the awards...lovely to see all the messages of congratulation coming in to her especially as the news of her imminent retirement spread beyond those who’d already heard.
As we were laughing and chatting another text came in from A.....she’s accepted the job and so will be up here from about September. Gulp! Feels like such a big change and my head was buzzing about all the possibilities and implications for the future....
Had to dash to record a video for graduation before coming home, then spent the evening chatting to A and to R and looking for accommodation for the rest of the trip with S we’re planning in early July...tricky to find vacancies!

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