By dunkyc


It was the big day for The Eldest as she clicked over into 16.

She was really pleased with her presents and in particular chuffed to bits with a card my sister had made for her. She had taken the time to cross-stitch the word “Feminist” into/onto the front.

In addition to it being her birthday, she had her final exam today and it was the final day of school AND the sun came out, so her and her friends were up at a park somewhere eating rubbish and have a nice day together. It was so nice to see her beaming smile later in the day and I realised that I was seeing someone who was genuinely happy. 

Outside of this, the usual holiday prep work of cramming nine days of work into five continued on apace, but it doesn’t half make the day go quickly!

The sun baked the yard later in the afternoon, where I saw that this dandelion clock had risen to the occasion, so I messed with the macro function on the camera. It’s not the greatest shot, but I do like the natural light on it.

Popped down to Arnside in the evening for a bit of a wander and bumped into a friend before returning home to watch the Friends reunion.

It was a little schmaltzy and over-produced(whilst making me feel a bit old) and I would like to have heard more from Matthew Perry, but like millions the world over, I loved/love Friends. Yeah, sure, some of the jokes haven’t aged particularly well, but I don’t think that there’s anything mean in it per se and as an awkward teen who didn’t have a large group of friends, Friends was always there for me and it’s something that my children have latched onto too.

Just the other night we were laughing out loud as we watched The One With Ross’ Tan.

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