I spy . . .

By Kitkat

RIP Rosie

We don't know what happend, as there were no warning signs, no symptoms.

Our little nervous girl who loved to climb but cowered if you filled her hay feeder sadly passed away early hours Wednesday morning.

The vets have suggested it was RHVD2, a disease that is instant.


As she was a rescue we didn't have her medical history. You can't double vaccinate as that could cause a adverse reaction, so we had to wait. She was booked in to have her jabs next month

I feel incredibly guilty..even though everyone reassure you there is nothing that could of been done I have agonised over the last couple of days if I missed any signs....

I'm also shocked that she has had such an impact, I think its because both her and our other rescue brought a purpose during lock down and pulled me out of my misery....

Poor Bumble has been smothered over the last couple of days

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