By Ridgeback13

Catch up

A very quiet productive day. At home, with (amazingly!) no meetings so a chance to catch up, shovel emails, do some thinking and planning and even use my lunchbreak to plant up my window boxes. Whilst it was definitely warmer today the sun was elusive so I was pleased to catch this photo whilst it was beaming down, otherwise there was quite a lot of cloud and now a haar seems to have rolled in.
Kept thinking about the long term implications of A&N moving up here...dawning realisation about various aspects (all good!) but so many unknowns yet.
Once I got to the end of the day I did some cleaning and ironing since the C’s are arriving tomorrow and T&Kt will be here next weekend with Heston. Pleased I’ve managed to book some activities for T&Kt whilst they’re here - looks like good weather so we’re going to do a lot of beach stuff because that’s what they miss, living in the centre of England.

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