By annemcurtis

Easy .....Tulips from Barbara

I had a lot to do today which I mostly didn't do.........I have so much to do that I can't decide what to do first. Eventually I decided to cut the grass at the front. I did it properly, I think. I had to also not cut down the daffodil leaves but did cut down the snowdrop leaves. They are naturalised in grass. I love them like that but I think I will have to have a new plan for next year........Far too fiddly.

I was OK in mood today and yesterday. I told my friend from yesterday's photo that I had to stop thinking about Alan. She did not think that that was good and I agree with her. I have to think of him but not in a way that gets me so upset. I hate the silence here. It is a saviour to put the radio on or the TV in the background or otherwise my YouTube music......Otherwise things get out of hand and I cry hysterically..... Barbara, from Yesterday thought that that was properly correct and normal. Thank God for someone who really gets it. She knows of quite a few others in the same boat and she is a nurse who has worked in palliative care in a hospice so she is pretty much the expert on these matter and sympathises fully. I'm sure others understand too but they dont have the words for it.

There I am going on again.....Sorry.
I dont think I will cry now as I o to bed otherwise it will be very bad for me
Tomorrow is another day and I do think it will be warm and dry so there is plenty lined up for me to do. Sorry for lack of comments......Eventually I will improve although I do look at your blips.

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