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By HarlingDarling

High contrast

The extra shows the project I worked on during the day, holding back the falling soily bank. It had been spilling onto the corner of the deck so needs restraining in some way. As yet undecided, unrevealed, unknown. So this is my temporary solution that we can simple build into the "Ultimate Solution" that is yet to be thought of. Tarred paper and sticks, strengthened at the base with some off-cuts from the plastic roof sheets. Held in place with field stones and given more stability with branches and tangled twigs. And the geraniums are lined up in front of it, to take the air and catch some rays!

I should have been re-doing the shop window for the Left Party but my buddies called it off due to the 20°C day of sunshine - fair enough! So I just removed the signs about celebrating the first of May, removed the majority of the soft toys bearing placards, and generally tidied up a bit. I turned off the spotlights as it is now never dark and looks a bit weird when it's very sunny, and it's better not to waste the power. (or get the party ticked off, or up someone's nose etc)

We were out for dinner with Rose, as so many Fridays before - but these two were along this time - making a gang of 5! It was lovely to be together and relaxed, all of us have had one jab and been fairly well isolating, we are all getting jab number two next week and looking forward to mid-summer and more protection/freedom/socialising with care. Lis and Paco have been here in the north for a month or so, they live in Porto but kept their house here. It's in a depopulating little town and selling houses there isn't something that raises much money, so keeping it and being here for a few months in the summer is sensible. We go back to 1985, so there was a lot to say about historical events as well as forward plans. Of course, I drove us home in the early hours, hence the back-blipping!

This is the Swedish spring in its essence, almost freezing Thursday night after a wild, stormy, freezing cold and damp day. Followed by sun so intense on your winter skin, that you have to hide away when working outdoors - and 20 degrees even at 7 at night! It was damp and chilly at midnight though and I thought how lovely it would be to know there was a warm, dry camper van to sleep in, rather than a soggy tent, even with a snuff dry sleeping bag and an air mattress.

Saturday has dawned bright, sunny and warm, the garden is already calling - come out! Plant things! rip out others! Perform surgery on the flower beds! Sharpen your knives! Divide big things, plant them in new places! But first a big cup of coffee and a bit of back-blipping - and an attempt to catch up with my pals!

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