By jac1954

Moving Bees.

So if you saw my last blip you will know I caught a small swarm of Honey Bees.
The swarm was in the garden next door to where my bees were.
Well the lady that lives over the back of that garden saw me catching the bees.
She went to the very lovely couple that very kindly had my bees in her garden and said she doesn’t want bees near her garden.
So problem. She has her grandchildren coming and wanted the bees gone.

So first I tried to give up and sell the bees and equipment my mentor said try to hold off from that thought as she said I am doing well at looking after the bees and of course they country needs people to look after bees or everything will come to a stop.
Well I cried most of the afternoon this brought on my depression that I have tried to keep down. I went to bed and thought

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