By Ingleman

Hold Back The Water

Well, what a brilliant day I have had. Met up with daughter Ell and her friend D, went to see the Osprey's nest at Clywedog, Mid Wales. At a distance of about half a mile we could clearly see the nest, the female, and the camera array above the nest which has a live feed, showing (as of today) two eggs and a new chick. The live camera shows high definition images of the female nurturing and delicately feeding the chick with fish brought in by the male. We saw the male circling but did not see him landing. But he did, and had brought in a lovely big fish for the female to feed in delicate little nuggets to the terribly small and vulnerable chick. Utterly spellbinding, and genuinely exciting to see.
Took Hollie dog for a walk and a swim in the river (Severn) and toured the valleys around the area. The blip is a view of the dam near Llanidloes and the reservoir behind it holds 50,000 megalitres of water, ostensibly to control the flow and levels of the River Severn. Utterly awesome stuff. Not sure how much a megalitre is but 50,000 of them would be plenty to water my plants back at home, I am sure.
Also saw Crested Grebe, Red Kite, Buzzards, Great Spotted Woodpecker and a European Pied Flycatcher. Heard a Cuckoo, my first this year. All in all a wonderful and fulfilling day in sublime Welsh countryside. So thankful. 

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