By FranG


As any of you who know me will know,  my family is scattered all over the world. My two sisters live in Georgia USA and The Northern Territory Australia and their children with partners live in Seattle, Dallas and Perth WA. Of our four children two live near us in Scotland with their respective husbands and wives and two south of the border in England. All three boys have partners who hail from across the globe ......the USA, Singapore and the newest partner from Brazil. And ...over the last 15 months 3 of Mum's collective grand / step grand children have spent an enormous amount of time alone due to Covid and where they live and work. 
Yesterday was the day the UK branch of Mum's extended family had been able to get together to celebrate her turning 95 and marked the first time in all these months where everyone was with at least one other member of the family and no one was alone! M [ in Singapore] wasn't with us but was with her own family so not alone. So.....I used the opportunity of us having the family party to ask everyone to send me a selfie of them raising a glass to wish Mum a Happy Birthday and then created this collage :)
I rather like it and only wish my Dad had been here to be part of it and see his dynasty in the making x

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